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The Dead Give Up Their Secrets

The comments by Sinn Fein/IRA reference the terrorists who to were eliminated at Loughall demonstrate to us all just how far short of democracy they fall. The attempts to link May 8 and the creation of a DUP-Sinn Fein/IRA forced coalition with Loughall appear quite natural for Republicans. After all was it not the murderous actions of terrorists that brought them to this point? Indeed as victims we are sickened by the progress of Republicans whose armalite and ballot box strategy led to the murder of our loved ones. Our greatest hurt however is caused by the DUP and their betrayal as they lend legitimacy to over three decades of murder by allowing Republicans into government.

No doubt as the Deputy First Minister takes time on 8 May to pay tribute to the terrorists who were dispatched by the SAS Dr Paisley will be strangely silent. No longer can the DUP point the accusing finger at the men of violence since now they rely upon them to form a government. As Sinn Fein/IRA continues to profit from the deaths of young men it entices into its evil organisation we see the sheer disregard they have for human life or rights. Yet in total hypocrisy they make this their platform using the legal framework that is supposed to protect ordinary law abiding citizens to their own ends. They call for inquiries and the exposure of collusion, and the highlighting of a shoot to kill policy by the British government.

Let us examine first the ridiculous proposition that this creates we are told by Republicans that they are an Army, that they were and indeed are dedicated to the overthrow of Northern Ireland by force if necessary and in pursuit of this and Irish Unity they are justified in the use of violence and the taking of life. They call the terrorism of the past 30 years a War, they have killed 1821 people almost 50% of all murders. They were also responsible for more deaths of innocent Roman Catholics than the police and army combined. Then ludicrously they are shocked and offended when the enemy shoots back. It appears that IRA Wars are only one sided affairs, and any attempt by their enemy to defend themselves and fight back is unacceptable. Perhaps the PIRA volunteers were only trained to kill innocent unarmed women and children.

Secondly let us examine the absolute hypocrisy of Sinn Fein/IRA as they cite the memory and draw down the posthumous blessing of Jim Lynach and Patrick Kelly and the so-called Loughall martyrs. Men like this will be spinning in their graves today as they see the militarism they defined cast aside in a cynical shift in strategy. As Adams and McGuiness stand in Stormont and mouth remembrance of these terrorists they do so in the knowledge that they and their political strategy are responsible for their deaths. As victims we support the calls for inquiries into the deaths at Loughall however before the British Taxpayers is asked to dig deep to support such processes, let us see Republicans come clean. The Sinn Fein leadership know that Kelly and Lynagh were planning to split from the PIRA prior to the deaths. They know because the British told them, and the killings at Loughall were authorised not to save innocent lives but to save the fledgling political strategy of Adams. The results of which we can all see today.

The truth behind Loughall needs to be exposed but it is the one thing that Sinn Fein have tried so hard to cover-up. Within that truth lies all the evidence about the ongoing collusion between the British Government and members of Sinn Fein. The first public exposure of these links and the steerage given by the British came with the Abstentionism debate, the Adams leadership which evolved at this time were and continue to be in collusion with elements of the British state. Both had realised that the Anglo-Irish Agreement and the stalemate in violence heralded a new departure in the Troubles. The Long War had gone on long enough, Republicanism under Adams developed a strategy that has evolved to what we see today.

The first threat to that strategy was a violent backlash and the fracture of Republicanism threatened by the likes of Kelly and Lynagh. Both opposed the direction at that time and has been exposed by Ed Moloney in his book A Secret History of the IRA, Lynagh, along with Padraig McKearney, a Maze prison escaper, had met to form a breakaway faction from the Provisionals. at the home of Seamus McElwaine to confirm their plans. They along with others in East Tyrone and elsewhere who were supportive were killed in the following months. They were clearly out of step with the rest of the PIRA at this time and their ambitious but logical plans for a Tet Offensive left them at variance with others in the movement. These facts were enough to seal their fate the question that remains is who signed their death warrants. This is the question Republicans should be asking, however many of them even the families are so blinded by a crude hatred of Britain that they cannot see whose best interests were most served by the deaths. Who did the East Tyrone terrorists pose more of a threat to, rural RUC officers or the Adams-British political strategy? Someone had to pass on information about that planned Loughall attack, and that someone had to be close to the men, someone they trusted and who knew the absolute necessity of eliminating them. Sinn Fein and the cheer leaders in Republican groups which campaign for the relatives of the dead terrorists have done well to cover the tracks of Adams and McGuiness. They have sent Republicans barking after the Brits while they profit from the events. Perhaps there will be more ghosts than just Carson’s and Craig’s roaming the corridors of Stormont !


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