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The hypocrisy of Blair and Ahern as they tell victims they will have to accept the proposed amnesty is shocking if not unsurprising. The double standards applied by both men are sickening. Would Tony Blair tell the London Bomb victims the same, or would Bertie Ahern treat the family of Garda McCabe in a similarly despicable manner? The answer is clearly no and we as victims in Northern Ireland ask why are we being treated differently.

Our opposition to the Bill is at every level, primarily it is immoral as it denies the victims justice and protection against those who murdered and injured our community, it is also unconstitutional as it is clear political interference in the judicial process, a crude attempt to dress a political amnesty in legal clothing. Indeed it is clear that the latest appeasement of terrorism is as a result of a dirty secret deal between Blair and the PIRA. It was not part of the Belfast Agreement and has attracted cross party opposition both in Northern Ireland and the Mainland. It will if passed see victims dragged through a degrading process where they will be forced to facilitate the release of the terrorist who ruined their lives, however he will not even have to turn up. Finally it is a fundamental breach of Human Rights and if enacted we will challenge it before the European Courts.”

Justice plays a fundamental and necessary role in any society we are all told that we are working towards a normal society so we must accept that if we do the crime we will have to serve the time. Victims would not acquiesce in any sham process aimed at facilitating an amnesty for the terrorists who have escaped justice. It is bad enough that all the police work and investigations that have been working in order to secure convections of these people will now be turned on their head and be used to prove their eligibility to the scheme. Victims will refuse to give evidence or participate a move which will led to them being found in contempt of court. The very real prospect of victims being imprisoned because they will not work to assist the release of the terrorists who attacked them will be presented to this scheme. Will Tony Blair imprison victims because they won’t help him release murderers?

In a move which will do more to destroy community relations and set the process of conflict resolution and reconciliation back ten years we see the utter moral bankruptcy of the Blair Government. The double standards of this move have staggered many politicians and we as victims appeal to them to stand with us in opposition to this Terrorist Amnesty Bill.


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