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Key Person Protection

We welcome the recent appeal decision which granted William Frazer Protection under the key personís protection scheme despite the fact that the appeal has failed to obtain a personal protection weapon for him even though the government have been more than willing to dish them out to known republicans, who in one situation used one to rob a lorry.

The police attempted to blackmail William over his protection weapon application by threatening to take his legally held shotgun off him unless he withdrew the application. The police carried through their threat with the sergeant in Markethill finally calling William and asking him to drop the shotgun into the station when he had a chance. It shows they hardly regarded him as a danger to society.

We will be continuing to fight the protection weapon case, it is just unfortunate that it has to go through the courts in this way and highlights how twisted this government has become. We refute the concoction of lies made about paramilitary links and state clearly that William has never been arrested for any reason linked to paramilitarism.

The life of William has come constantly under threat from Republican terrorists in the south Armagh area and we believe it is the duty of the government to provide adequate protection for him as in the same way they should uphold the law for every citizenís protection. He will continue to do the same work as he has been and will not stop going into south Armagh, nor stop exposing serial killers and gangsters. If anything happens to him responsibility will lie with the Chief Constable and the Secretary of State.

We would like to thank the Human Rights Commission for their constant support in this case.


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